Specialist healthcare for women at key stages of life.

Our award-winning Women’s Specialist Healthcare provides women with timely, high-quality, and holistic care for all of their health needs.

Infiniti Healthcare is an award-winning specialist health clinic based in Cardiff. It was the vision of Mr Kiron Bhal and Mrs Nadia Hikary-Bhal, both Consultant Gynaecologists, to set up a clinic in Wales that would allow women, as well as men, access to timely, high-quality, relaxed, flexible and holistic care for all their health needs.

They launched the clinic in 2013 initially run by Mr Bhal focusing on General Gynaecology, Urogynaecology and Fertility. In 2019 Mrs Hikary-Bhal joined the team bringing along, her passion for Menopause, Lifestyle health and Wellbeing and launching the Cosmetic Gynaecology service.

“We’ve been delivering exceptional care to women since 2013”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our clinic provides holistic care, covering all women’s health conditions at key stages in their lives. From period issues, thinking of having a baby, post-childbirth support to Menopause and beyond, Infiniti Healthcare can support you with all your health needs.

Our clinic can help with all aspects of support to help you manage prolapse, bladder and bowel issues such as incontinence as well as sexual function conditions such as vaginismus, vaginal pain, dryness and laxity. We work with a large team of UroGynaecologists, physiotherapists, and psychotherapist and have links with all health care professionals to provide a 360 degree approach to your health.

Cosmetic Gynecology is a new sub-speciality that blends plastic surgery and gynaecology. Cosmetic Gynecology or Intimate Aesthetic Surgery is a group of procedures that are cosmetic in nature and not medically necessary. They are performed to enhance the look and function of the outer vulva and inner vagina such as Labiaplasty, Perineorhaphy and vaginal tightening surgery. At Infiniti Healthcare our Consultants have had bespoke and extensive training in Cosmetic Gynaecology.

Once you have made a booking please look out for your consultation booking questionnaire. You may also receive questionnaires specific to your condition such as Menopause. Your appointment time will range between 30 to 45 minutes. Your clinician will go through your concerns, possibly perform an examination and then go through your treatment options with you.

The average age of natural menopause in the UK is about 52 however a small group of women may go through menopause less than 45 years of age and an even smaller group less than 40. Common symptoms of menopause and perimenopause include hot flushes, dizzy spells, brain fog, anxiety and difficulty sleeping making you feel tired and irritable during the day.

You will receive an email (or letter in the post) with a full summary of your Consultation discussion within 10 days of your appointment.

If you have been referred by your GP to one of our clinicians privately, your GP will receive a copy of the consultation letter. If you arranged the appointment yourself and want your GP to be involved in your care, you may give your GP a copy of the consultation letter.

Yes, this is possible however you will need to be referred by your GP to your local NHS services where standard waiting times will apply. There is no guarantee that your GP will be obliged to prescribe any of the recommendations made by your Consultant within the private sector.

Seeing a consultant privately does not expedite your waiting time for a standard or routine procedure within the NHS. This does not apply to conditions that are considered to be urgent or urgent suspected cancer.

A pessary is a removable device that is inserted into the vagina to help manage the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse. These devices differ in material, sizes and shapes depending on the type and size of prolapse and associated bladder or bowel symptoms.

What our patients say

Jack Barnett
Jack Barnett
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Nice friendly staff and very good service.
Laila L
Laila L
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Fantastic service. Mr Bhal was very helpful and he did explain to me everything perfectly. I am still going for more appointments to get support during my early days of my pregnancy. I can’t wait to meet the team again they are very cheerful!!!!
Sue Woolfenden
Sue Woolfenden
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Thank you so much for all your help Mr Bhal and Kath! Very kind and quick service. Would 100% recommend the infiniti clinic. Excellent.